Main office is open from 8.30am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Emergency helpline number 0800 311 8074 is available for urgent networks enquiries.
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UK Power Distribution

Emergencies and Safety

Our approach in all circumstances is to provide a safe and secure electricity distribution system, however networks can experience faults which cause interruptions to our customers’ electricity supply.

If a network fault should occur and as a result you experience a loss of your electricity supply, please report the incident to us, or any other concern you may have regarding our electricity distribution system or your electricity meter, at any time of the day or night, by telephoning 0800 311 8074.

Please click here to read our more detailed Safety and Security of Supplies Enquiry Service Statement.

If you should lose your electricity supply our advice on the next steps to take is:

Firstly, check whether your neighbours have also lost their supply. If your neighbours don’t have power, please call our emergency line on 0800 311 8074.

If your neighbours DO have power:

    • Check your trip switch, if the trip switch is still on call the emergency number.
    • If the trip switch is off, switch it back on.
    • If it switches back off, one of your appliances may be faulty so unplug all appliances and then reset the trip switch.
    • If only part of your supply has failed and the trip won’t reset there may be a fault with your internal wiring. Please contact a registered electrician:
    • Check your electricity meter. Is the dial/display working? If not call the emergency number.